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I4N EUROPE 2023 Finding solutions to the challenges of our times

ENS-YGN is launching the second edition of European innovation contest – Innovation for Nuclear (I4N) Europe – at the 2023 ENYGF in Kraków, Poland on 7th – 8th May 2023. The purpose of the Innovation Contest is to encourage the emergence of new and innovative nuclear technologies, applications, or systems and even the creation of start-ups, within multidisciplinary teams. The contest will also give a platform for the visibility and discussion of these ideas and catalyze young energy into thinking about and creating innovative solutions.



How does it work?

Winners of selected national nuclear innovation contests may apply to attend I4N Europe. The contest is open to young professionals and students (up to and including 40 years old at the time of ENYGF) and no restriction on people’s background are applied (technical, economy, sociology, communication… and from academia, industry, regulatory…).

In Kraków, a panel of experts will judge the contestants to choose an overall European winner.


Contest Description

  • Contestants will compete withing their former group from national contest.
  • The presentation of the idea should be 15 minutes in duration, followed by 10 minutes of Q&A session, and based on the use of a PPT presentation or similar.
  • The final winners will be chosen by a jury of experts of the nuclear industry, based on 5 evaluation criteria.
  • A finalist package will be given to all participants including certificate and I4N Europe give away. Final winners will be awarded a special winning prize.


Contact : kimlee.bourgeois@sfen.org

Country Editions Your Entrance to European Level

Innovatome France


Concours Innovatome

The French Innovatome event returned in 2023. This year’s theme was “Attractiviy and sovereignety of the nuclear industry”. The contest took place on the first weekend of April in Paris and saw six teams compete to promote their most innovative ideas on the subject matter. Ahead of the weekend event, three webinars were organised with the objective to spark creative ideas amongst the contestants : “EDF’s innovation ecosystem” on 16/03, “DESIGN methods supporting EDF’s transitions issues” on 21/03, and “Risk and Mitigation assessments of H2 explosions – Towards a safer H2 society” on 28/03.


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Spain: Concurso Innovatom

 At Innovatom contest, we want our young talents to push their knowledge and creativity to the limit to find innovative solutions based on the use of nuclear energy that contribute to solving some of the challenges faced by present and future generations.
Each team  must submit a dossier and present their innovative proposal through an oral presentation of up to 8 minutes, followed by a questions-and-answers session.
To do so, an experienced metor will support each team, and we will conduct seminaries to improve your innovative skills: Innovation in the nuclear field, communication skills and market strategies.

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I4N Poland

Wymyśl innowacyjne rozwiązanie, które choć trochę przyczyni się do rozwiązania aktualnych wyzwań z szeroko rozumianego przemysłu jądrowego, bądź wykorzystują technologię jądrową.
Motto tegorocznej edycji to: “Finding solutions to the challenges of our times”
Nagraj 3-5 min filmik w którym dzielicie się swoim pomysłem!
Następnie jury wyłoni zwycięską drużynę. Co się liczy:
1. Sposób i treść prezentacji
2. Poziom innowacji
3. Stosowalność w obecnej sytuacji rynkowej
4. Prawdopodobieństwo wdrożenia
Zanim jednak to nastąpi czeka na Was kilka inspirujących webinarów w których dowiecie się m.in:
– Co piszczy w reaktorze MARIA?
– Jak przygotować dobrą prezentację?
– i nie tylko..
Contact us: i4npoland@gmail.com


I4NAsset 5@4x