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Meet our team

Matija Pisk

Chair of Comittee

Nataša Kovjanović

Co-Chair Logistics

Ex. reactor operator, and a skilful I&C engineer, making sure that everything runs smoothly in our plant. Always happy to help and support industry events and making sure that organisation goes according to plan, bringing her wisdom and calmness to the forefront.

Ivo Žarković

Co-Chair Public relations

Senior reactor operator, MBA holder, WANO future-to be member, president of HND, and yes, there is more… Integral part to any team and unstoppable in his intentions, kick starting this project from the get go.

Matija Guliš

Co-Chair Financial

Paulina Dučkić

Co-Chair Program

The rest of our support team!

At your disposal for questions, contact us directly